About us

About us
Fibo-Trespo AS is a company owned by FSN Capital with headquarters and manufacturing in Lyngdal, Norway. The company is the leading manufacturer of wall panel, for bathroom / wet room, and other laminated products.

Fibo-Trespo manufactures wall panels specialized for bathroom. The panel is approved for use in the wet zone and cleared for use on outer wall without membrane. The technical part of the wall panel is tested and approved by the IFF and Norwegian Wet norm. 

Kitchen Board has the same surface and approvals as wall panel, but this product is specially developed for the area between countertop and wall cabinet. Fibo-Trespo products include laminate countertops and laminate flooring.

Our products are approved every day by satisfied clients and costumers. Fibo-Trespo offers a large amount of decor and are developing new solutions continuously.


Fibo-Trespo AS is approved in according to international standard ISO 9001.


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